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Impacta Acoustical Floor Underlayments by Sound Seal are the solution for foot fall or foot step noise between the floor / ceiling assembly. Impacta Floor Underlayments are premium underlayments that are available in many models and provide sound isolation between the floor covering and the sub floor. Impacta acoustic floor underlayments are different than any other underlayments on the market today.

Each product and model has been designed, engineered and manufactured specifically around the floor covering and what the floor covering needs to maintain its integrity and warranty. Many years of research & development and testing have gone into each model and will provide years of acoustical sound reduction while maintaining the integrity and warranty of the floor.

Why Use Impacta Underlayments:

1) Systems designed for maximum performance and ease of Installation

2) Specifically designed for each floor covering

3) Proven results over 100+ acoustical tests

4) Most underlayments are self leveling up to 1/4″ over 10 feet